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What is TFT-LCD?

2018/11/20 Viewers:

  Simply speaking, the basic structure of tft-lcd panel is to hold a layer of liquid crystal between two glass substrates.TFT film transistor (TFT) is made on the front LCD panel and the back TFT panel.When the applied voltage is applied to the transistor, the transient liquid crystals turn toward the sunlight from the acting liquid crystals and produce a picture element on the front panel.The backlight module is responsible for providing the light source after the tft-array panel.Color filters give each element a specific color.Combined with each painting element of different colors, the image on the front of the panel is presented.
  The TFT panel is composed of millions of TFT devices and the ITO(In TI Oxide, a transparent conductive metal) area arranged like a matrix. The so-called Array refers to the area of millions of neatly aligned TFT devices, and the area of millions of neatly aligned is the panel display area.The structure of a TFT element is shown below

     No matter how the design of the TFT plate changes and how the manufacturing process is simplified, its structure must have TFT device and control liquid crystal area (if the light source is a penetrating LCD, the control liquid crystal area is ITO, but for reflective LCD, it is a metal with high reflection rate, such as Al, etc.)

TFT device is a switch, whose function is to control the number of electrons running into the ITO region. When the number of electrons flowing into the ITO region reaches the desired number, the TFT device is turned off. At this time, the entire electronic close (Keep) is kept in the ITO region.

      As shown in the figure above, the time changes specified by each tracer point, the outlets are from t1 to tn thyristor drive IC, and the G1 outlets are continuously selected to turn on, making the source-pole drive IC charge the TFT tracer on G1 in the order of D1, D2 to Dn.When tn+1, the offending gate drive IC again selects G2 swaps source drive IC and D1 to start the sequential selection.

    The more vertical the standing Angle of the liquid crystal, the more light will not be guided by the liquid crystal, and the standing Angle of the liquid crystal will lead to different amounts of light.(the direction of the upper and lower polarizations will determine the intensity of penetration, so just understand the Angle of the liquid crystal standing will guide the intensity of light).

Unguided light is absorbed by the upper polarizer.Natural light, whose polarity is arbitrary, USES a polarizer to filter out most of the light that oscillates in different directions, allowing only one particular direction of light to pass through.