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Laser rangefinder COG lcd solution

2018-11-20 16:32:49

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Laser rangefinder COG LCD is a customized product. It can design drawings and logical wiring according to the operation function required by customers. SUZHOU GOVO TEK LIMITED is a professional LCD screen manufacturer. The company mainly produces TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VATN monochrome LCD screen, LCD module, touch screen and backlight products. With more than 10 years of experience in treadmill segment code LCD solutions, to provide customers with professional, reliable and fast services.

The parameters required by customers to customize LCD screen are:

1, size: large LCD LCD screen long and wide, small LCD LCD screen length and width.
2. Display mode: positive (black characters on white background or black characters on yellow-green background or blue characters on Grey background) or negative (white characters on blue background or white characters on black background)
3. Polarizer type: full transmission (full transmission usually with backlight), half transmission (with backlight), reflection (without backlight)
4, working voltage: normal voltage is generally 3V to 5V (as required by customers).
5, the working temperature is 0 ~50, -10, ~60, -20, ~70, and -30.
6, the way of connection: hot pressed paper, zebra stripes, metal feet.
7, drive mode: 1/4DUTY 1/3BAIS (determined by customer's IC and customer requirements)
8, drive IC: to be used with HT1621 or HT1622 or other (as required by customers).

For the non-standard LCD order process, according to the specific circumstances of customers'LCD/LCM products, our company issued a formal quotation sheet customer confirmation quotation. > 3 days, drawing out, confirming drawings, 15 working days, and confirming samples. 30 days or so for mass production.

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