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AUO New Organizational Arrangement to IR

2018/11/20 Viewers:

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced its new organizational arrangement. To continue to drive value transformation and enhance growth momentum, the Display Business Operation will be divided into Technology Group, Business Group, and Manufacturing Group. The Technology Group is headed by Chief Technology Officer Dr. Wei-Lung Liau. The Business Group is led by Vice President TY Lin. The Manufacturing Group is led by Vice President Ting-Li Lin. The new organization will become effective from November 1, 2018.


"The development of IoT and AI will arouse revolution in every industry with accelerated introduction of smart applications in all fields. Navigating the ever-changing tide of digital transformation, businesses must be agile enough to adjust their strategic direction, organization structure and research capabilities to create values and embrace challenges brought by new business models,” said Michael Tsai, AUO’s President & Chief Operating Officer. “The new organizational arrangement will effectively integrate scale and resources to achieve the sharing of strategies, resources and platforms with more agile and flexible management efficiency, spurring growth momentum for the Company’s value transformation. The integration and sharing of operating resources and talent pools will consolidate our leadership position in R&D and industry competitiveness. It is expected that we will be able to become more focused to pursue maximized mutual benefits with our value chain partners.”


Innovative technologies are the key to maintaining companies’ long-term competitiveness. The Technology Group will utilize its technological sharing platform to link up research resources and talents to develop cross-sector products and solutions, attaining technological integration both vertically and horizontally. Chief Technology Officer Dr. Wei-Lung Liau has accumulated twenty years of profound experience in AUO. The Company will rely on his competence in cross-sector technology management and meticulous planning to conceive technology roadmaps with a broad perspective over short, medium and long-term time frames. R&D capability will be enhanced continuously and new application markets will be explored to develop advanced display technologies. Under his leadership, the innovative strengths of the Technology Group will be fortified in the long-term, paving the way for many more technological milestones to come.


Technological development creates infinite business opportunities for all kinds of smart applications. Market demands have shifted from single product application to more complicated and value-added software and hardware integration services. The Business Group will closely connect various product units to meet the demands for all kinds of smart applications. In addition to securing existing market leadership position, all-round smart solutions for retail, transportation, medical, industrial and commercial purposes will also be further developed. It is expected that under Vice President TY Lin’s coordination and leadership, more innovative service models involving hardware and software integration will be raised, creating the most value possible for customers based on the core concept of higher diversity and higher customization.


The megatrends continue to push manufacturing toward smart manufacturing. The management capability to achieve production efficiency on both the economy of scale and diverse and yet small amount orders will be one of the keys to winning in the future. AUO has built a solid base of smart manufacturing over the years, combining AI and big data analysis. The Manufacturing Group will consolidate resources from all production sites around the globe to establish high efficiency, high quality and highly flexible smart production lines. Vice President Ting-Li Lin will use his profound pragmatic experience in production management to lead the manufacturing team to integrate quality capacities from different generations of production lines, providing customers with diverse and the best product mix possible.